“My real name’s clementina (lower case letters deliberate), I’m a radical feminist & straight edge vegan. My first zine was ‘no man’s land – a letter to patriarchal society ‘, but I’ve written lots more since then! I do mixed media collage & poetry zines about social justice issues, & particularly focus on autism & mental illness, vegan feminism in practice, & exploring the possibilities of DIY culture & self expression. I’m currently working on a zine entitled ‘roofless, ruthless truth’, which aims to share the real experiences & struggles of homeless folks through those peoples’ own words. Hope to have it finished in time to bring to the fair!!”
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What got you in to independent publishing?

i got into zines through hanging out in anarchist circles, social centres & squats etc . as soon as i knew about zines i wanted to make them . the first zine i read was nomy lamm’s ‘im so fucking beautiful ‘ .the first zine i wrote completly by myself was ‘no man’s land ‘ ,which was a semi-autobiographical collage zine about eating disorders,body image, & patriarchy . i love the whole idea of zines – the rebelious,authentic feelings they xpress ,the revolutionary creative spirit they represent . i feel like diy culture offers a way we can conect with each other in truthful ways that go beyond the suprefisial ,a way we can just be ourselvs . which is the one thing this capitalist hierarchical System doesnt want us to discover how to do ! reading & writing zines just makes me happy ,& lifts me up. im glad they xist !!

What do you make/publish?

 i make mixed media zines on social justice issues .i write poetry alot ,& hav got very keen on collage in the last year or so . alot of what i write is personal & painful , which is becaus i feel that breaking silence is ending the oppressors control .ive resently got inspired to try creating a graphic novel .progres is eratic so far!

Who/what inspires you?
survival,sacrifise,& love inspire me . i can bear being in this world becaus ther are people who risk evrything to protect one another ,& ther are people who hav survived so much & stil hav so much to give .im inspired by activists who hav done prison time . im inspired by hens who hav survived battery cages ,the wonder in ther eyes as they xplore the world ,& the rescued cows at my mums sanctuary who lick your ears when you hug them . im inspired when people i respect with all my heart give me ther respect bak . my dog companion inspires me with her love evry day. my partner ,a dedicated social justice activist ,inspires me . my friends inspire me in a million ways . in a twisted sense, the worst stuf ive been through inspires me to. ther is so much beauty in the world , but we hav to fight for evry scrap of it . that,for me,is the core of anarchy.
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Who are your audience?

my audiense is evryone ! people i love & wanna say thank you to ,people im angry at & wanna say fuck you to ,evryone !! i often in particular find myself thinking about people ive never met,who hav been through the same kinda stuf i hav (patriarchal violence etc) when i write . like writing is my way to touch those people ,to say this wil end & your not alone . which makes what i do sound rather grander than it is !! but thats what i always come bak to thinking – that maybe the fact that im surviving ,& writing (however badly somtimes !) wil touch somone .

Have you exhibited at the Dublin Zine Fair before? How did it go?

no,oddly enough ,ive never been to DZF befor .ive never lived!!

Tell us a joke!
im Autistic (i hav Asperger’s syndrome ) so my sense of humor tends to confuse the neurotypical world . but i chalenge anyone ,Aspie or not,to not be amused by this xchange from one of Spike Milligans scripts for the Goon show …
Neddie seagoon rings the police station …
NS – hello,this is Neddy Seagoon .
Cop – oh . i say,hav u ever seen that swine Mick Jagger ? he makes 100,000,000 a minute !!
NS – …yes . i want to report -
Cop – & me only 18 a week !!
for some reason i love this :D such a bizare conversation .