ShelkyBean is an artist based in the west of Ireland.

Shelky creates digital illustrations, one-off wearable art pieces, film and sculpture.

speak your truth portfolio

What got you in to independent publishing?

Zines are a pure art form. There are no rules and no boundaries. They
can be as practical or as personal as you like. So for me, they are an
excuse to ‘play’, to make statements, to get a message across, to
promote my work and to make connections with people and ideas. The
first zine I bought was tiny and seemed to be a collage of someone’s
personal diary. I knew it was something special. All zines are a little
bit magic…

What do you make/publish?

It depends! This year, I have made a tiny bite sized recipe book
compiled from my own collection of ‘proper recipes’ and personal
experiments at the stove. I love to cook, but it does seem to be
something that people are a bit scared of or feel put out by, so ‘Eat
Me’ is taking the fear out of food. I also have prints of my work and a
few other surprises…


Who/what inspires you?

The list is far too extensive. I am in awe 99% of the time, with

Who are your audience?

My audience is not exactly quantifiable…sweet ‘little old ladies’
totally get my work, as do small children. It seems to appeal to most
people, which is a nice thing.

Have you been to the DZF before, how did it go?

I attended last year in spirit, Jane O’Sullivan kindly brought along my
small offering “Seeds of Change”, which went down a treat. I personally
was at the Dublin Zine Fair (years ago) and loved it. The community is
so welcoming, and the energy is refreshing. Its wonderful, and I’m so
grateful it exists.

Tell us a joke?

An elephant joke! (these are from the 60s and you kind of need to hear a
bunch of them at the same time to get in to the spirit of the thing…
google it)


Q: How many elephants will fit into a Mini?

A: Four: Two in the front, two in the back.

Q: How many giraffes will fit into a Mini?

A: None. It’s full of elephants.