Jane is an artist who lives and works in Co. Mayo. She has worked quietly for many years in a variety of forms and media.Mostly drawing,writing,experimental photography, film making and painting. Two recent solo exhibitions 2014 and 2015 have brought her work to a wider audience in a gallery setting, yet her preference is to work privately and quietly with the rare venture out to show some of what she does in alternative and non commercial ventures of like minded souls. Janes work can be viewed online.
doll wisdom 2012-2015
What got you in to independent publishing?
Hi there lovelies! Well I had to get out of a vacuum that I felt coming into the fine art world of my training which I learnt so much from but which can be a place that I mostly don’t readily recognise my own self in. So as part of my degree show I made a small book of my drawings that were not exhibited but were to me of equal importance, it had fold out pages and a statement in the back, corrugated cardboard back covers… I really felt *at home* in this medium and it has become a great source of ideas for me, which I sometimes explore in an extended range of mediums,experimental photography, clay, paint, film… if it feels true. They are the begining of the circle of my work as an artist and they are the end/begining/my thread. My work is now held in The Forgotten Zine Archive, Limerick College of Art and Centre for Creative Arts and Media.

What do you make/publish?
Handmade “somethings” which emerge as true, organically, to the original idea,found object,that inspired my  need to make something tangible of what I feel inside. So welcome to my eternal wrangle between zine/artist book….my works are always both of these genres/worlds, always somewhere in the middle. A beloved object, often humble due to financial constraints, difficulties in access to a hands on printer, living so rurally puts limitations on my work, but I work valiantly against these so called limitations! Hell thats what D.I.Y is all about. I celebrate what I cannot do so easily, by doing it anyway, however it may turn out. With great courage I aim to end up with work that my peers seem to love as do I.

Who/what inspires you?
Truth seekers, Punks, The light, Love and kindness. Making connections not Divisions, making Art. Oh also dearly held facts such as the poet Emily Dickinson, an intensely private woman (I like that bit),wrote some of her poems on envelopes, and sewed them into little books. Victorian melancholic art works, such as intensely Romantic handmade greetings cards, scrapbooks,mourning and symbolic jewellery,diaries,symbolic and personal investigations into… oh damm this is beginning to sound a tad longwinded , if you truly want to know click on the following link please!
page from a deeperreflection of love fragility and loss artists book
Who are your audience?
I am not fussy.

Have you exhibited at the Dublin Zine Fair before? How did it go? 
Oh yes yes!! From the very beginnings at the Arts Centre in Rathfarnham, I love them, it us, you, all that make up the DZF world. It is always a good experience, the sheer energy generated by all the mad juxtapositions of folks wildly different work and perspectives makes it fizzle!! The folks who come to the fair are from the same creative world of art, comics music, writing, political activism etc, its a real peer to peer happening. A lot of hard to find/place(underground/alternative I guess)  folks exhibit and thats SPECIAL.

Tell us a joke!

Where do animals go when their tail falls off ?
they go for a bit of re-tail therapy !!
BOOM BOOM said Basil Brush :) <3