‘Not afraid of ruins’ is a perzine and blog about anarchism, feminism, Jewish identity, Palestine, mental illness, neurodiversity, stuff and things.


What got you in to independent publishing?
I think it was my high school principal. She censored everything I wrote for the school paper and told me that journalism isn’t about free speech. Thankfully a friend introduced me to zines around the same time.

What do you make/publish?
I make a perzine called not afraid of ruins which is kinda about mental illness and kinda about Jewish migrant identity, and also about anarchism and Palestine and decolonisation. I also edit an irregular anarchist journal called imminent rebellion and other books with the Aotearoa-based publishing collective Rebel Press.

Who/what inspires you?

Humans! We are a cool specie. I’m constantly inspired by people’s willingness to look after each other and work together to make things less shit.

Who are your audience?
Nice people.

Have you exhibited at the Dublin Zine Fair before? How did it go?
Nope! In fact I’ve only been to Dublin once before (you can read about it in issue 3). In the past I tabled and ran talks at Zine Fairs in Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Sydney and Leeds.

Tell us a joke!
My life.