His name is Harry Burton, an illustrator mostly concerned with political satire! “I like to think that my main aim is to try make people snigger or at least create some awareness about a particular social issue. Well, maybe I just enjoy taking the piss out of a politician for the fun of it. I have had work published for the Index on Censorship but my biggest claim to fame is having two pieces of mine in The Guardian newspaper. I am an English language teacher as this satirical business doesn’t pay the bills as much as I would like.”
What got you in to independent publishing?
Ever since I opened my first book of Calvin and Hobbes I have wanted to draw cartoons and publish them. Independent publishing seemed like a natural fit for my illustrations and once I found out there were people Dublin creating their publications, I wanted in!

What do you make/publish?

I draw mostly satirical illustrations that attempt to capture or summarise current affairs. I draw cartoons of politicians and that.

Who/what inspires you?
There are so many to choose from. Poltical cartoonists Martyn Turner and Peter Brookes. Tomi Ungerer is one illustrator who has recently been a spark to my motivation.
Who are your audience?
Anyone. Please. Anyone.

Tell us a joke!

What do vegetables do to liven up the party?
They turnip the volume.