Wednesday Illustrations. Keeping it cute and creepy!
wednesday Illustrations
What got you in to independent publishing?
The idea of being able to make my own work, to see work I wanted to see. I’ve always drawn, I like telling story’s with my drawings. To get drawings out of my head and onto paper. Why not share it?

What do you make/publish?
Doodles, sketches… General nonsense.

Who/what inspires you?
Childhood Movies and Books. Fantasy and Horror. Pop culture and Humour. Nature and Mythology… A lot of things really.
Who are your audience?
I like to think I can cater to any audience? I love doing children’s illustrations. Cute and whimsical. But then I also enjoy dark,creepier illustrations and more adult themes. So… You know… Anyone!

Have you exhibited at the Dublin Zine Fair before? How did it go?
Nope,this is my first time! My nerves!!! But I can’t wait, should be fun!

Tell us a joke!
A skeleton went to the doctor.
The doctor looked at the skeleton and said, “Aren’t you a little late?”