“Zine librarian with delusions of being a zinester. My new zine Leon Loves Clara is about the relationship between the inventor of the theremin Leon Theremin, and the worlds greatest thereminst Clara Rockmore. It contains Russian dictators, prima ballerinas, bad drawings and Iggy Pop.”


What got you in to independent publishing?

I am a zine librarian with the Forgotten Zine Archive. I am always reading zines, and I used to make a music zine with my friends when I was in school years ago, but hadn’t ever made my own. I just got sick of reading them and going to zine fairs and speaking with zinesters who would always go “and do you make a zine”? No one cared if I had or hadn’t made a zine, but I did, cause I wanted to be swapping zines with people instead of buying them off them. So after the Dublin Zine Fair 2013 I went home and almost immediately started making a zine about being a zine librarian who had never made a zine. I’ve been making them ever since

What do you make/publish?

I make the most basic DIY A5 zines possible. I am terrible at drawing, but I really enjoy drawing terribly

Who/what inspires you?

Well my new zine is about the relationship between the inventor of the theremin (Leon Theremin) and the world’s greatest thereminist (Clara Rockmore). So I guess both of them inspired me for the past few months. Aside from them, I dunno, Iggy Pop? I’m inspired to be a zine librarian cause I think it’s really important for librarians to support independent publishing and try and promote and encourage it by housing alternative publications. So that’s my main aim at the moment, to get more libraries to start stocking zines and encourage people to self-publish.


Who are your audience?

Hah… audience

Have you exhibited at the Dublin Zine Fair before? How did it go?

Yeah last year. It was deadly, really busy.

Tell us a joke!

Why was six scared of seven?

Cause seven eight nine!