Debbie is a comics-maker, illustrator and educator based in Dublin; a big fan of narrative, it is the thread that goes through all her work. The creator of a graphic novel, REMORSE, which launched in April at Cork Comic Expo, she makes stories that come from the frustrations and triumphs of real everyday lives; stories that explore the glorious absurdity, heartache and mundaneity of our existences through line and ink.
What got you in to independent publishing?
I really enjoy the way self-publishing allows you to make all the creative and business decisions for yourself. No need for applications, publishers or agents, just DIY. Sky’s the limit!

What do you make/publish?
Slice of life comics mostly, that talk about the mundanity and small triumphs of daily life, drawn in ink, sometimes inspired by real events.

Who/what inspires you?
Conversations, odd happenings, coincidences, bus journeys, walking, reading. Caffeine! Normal stuff. I love normal.
Who are your audience?
Fairly universal apart from the occasional page which might not be suitable for young children and/or reading at work. You have been warned! :)

Have you exhibited at the Dublin Zine Fair before? How did it go?
Last year I had a half table for two days, and it was a great event. I met lots of people, made new friends and sold quite a few comics and zines. It’s a unique and brilliant event, full of My Kind of People. I really appreciate having such a well-run fair right on my doorstep.

Tell us a joke!
So there’s a girl who loves tractors. She has tractors everywhere, on her wallpaper, her bedcovers, and her school books and lunchbox. They’re everywhere. Then one day she gets fed up with them and stops collecting tractors. She gets rid of all them! That’s it, no more tractors. A few years later she’s in a very smoky pub with her friends. Everyone is flapping their hands and complaining about it, so she starts to suck the air in. After a while, all the smoke disappears and the air is crystal clean and pine fresh! Her friends are amazed. How did you do that? They ask. Ah, she says. I’m an ex-tractor fan.