Rachel is a Melbourne-based architect, illustrator and zine maker. Her particular love is indie comics. For the Dublin Zine Fair she is very excited to be bringing her favourite zines and comics from Melbourne to Dublin, including the work of her friends, peers and creative heroes – including Michael Fikaris, David Mahler, Sarah McNeil, Tara Kenny, Meagan O’Shea, Hiro Mcl and Gregory Mackay. This collection of zines and small press paints a multi-faceted and complex picture of life in Rachel’s home town!


What got you in to independent publishing?

I started making zines as a way to document my art practice. Also I was a big fan of graphic novels and from there got into indie comics, and from there decided I’d have a go at making my own…

What do you make/publish?
I’m an illustrator and I make pretty small-run zines. The one I’m bringing with me is called The River, it’s a riso-print which is beautifully
printed by Melbourne risograph heroes Caldera Press. In terms of what I’m bringing with me to Dublin, I’ve been having an amazing time reaching out to and talking with the zinesters of Melbourne and I’m bringing a whole bunch of amazing small-press work by my friends, peers and creative heroes.

Who/what inspires you?
Good question. Everyday life


Who are your audience?
My immediate audience is my friends and peers – I love being able to give people something tangible and real which I’ve made myself. Beyond that, the purpose of bringing the Australian zines to Dublin is cultural exchange – I’ve tried to select a broad range of different artists and stories, so hopefully I’ll be creating a multi-faceted depiction of the zine scene in my home town.

Have you exhibited at the Dublin Zine Fair before? How did it go?
No, this is my first time. Dublin virgin. V excited.

Tell us a joke!
Why does everybody like mushroom?
Cos he’s a fungi.