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Baby BEEF was founded in 2006 by artists Sarah Bracken and Andrea Byrne. Baby BEEF began life as a contributor based zine of art, poetry, stories, photography and articles, made by hand and printed for hours on a photocopy machine. Why did they do this?  To give themselves and people like them an outlet and platform for their work to be seen, outside of a gallery setting. To not wait around for people to discover them but to do it themselves and to celebrate DIY culture and the handmade. They released 3 issues before branching off to do other publications, artist books and projects.  In those 3 issues they published artists from all over the world, distributed them globally by sending them to the contributors and bringing them travelling. Sarah and Andrea really missed the fun that making the Baby BEEF zine gave them and so they brought it back, launching Issue 4 at the 4th Annual Dublin Zine Fair in 2014. Sarah and Andrea are members of the Dublin Zine Fair team, Sarah founding the fair in 2011. They to love experiment with binding and print making, to them each book & zine is an individual work of art, and much love and labour goes into their construction. You can see all of Baby BEEF’s publications on their website:


Cardboard Press

Cardboard Press is a small press publisher based out of Dublin, Ireland dedicated to producing quality comics, mini comics, artists books and zines in small or limited print runs. It has been the publishing face of comics artist Paddy Lynch and Katie Blackwood since 2007. In 2012 CBP expanded it’s remit to publishing other artists with the well received comics anthology Stray Lines. This year’s Dublin Zine Fair sees the debut of a new zine from Gus Hughes and CBP, Pictorial Histories of Leider alongside recently published titles from Ken Mahon, Maeve Clancy and Paddy Lynch.


Debbie Jenkinson

A comics-maker, illustrator and educator based in Dublin; a big fan of narrative, it is the thread that goes through all her work. The creator of a graphic novel, REMORSE, which launched in April at Cork Comic Expo, Debbie makes stories that come from the frustrations and triumphs of real everyday lives; stories that explore the glorious absurdity, heartache and mundaneity of our existences through line and ink. Her books are all self-published, sometimes home-made. She sells them in comic shops, like Gosh! In London, conventions and fairs. She is a member of the Stray Lines Comic Collective.


Venus de Vilo

The Voice of Horror and Queen of the Pumpkin Patch Venus de Vilo has been shocking audiences in Ireland and internationally since 2011. Whether it’s with her unique brand of BubbleGlumShock anthems, live shows, albums and music videos or her increasingly creepy and gothic art work and retro DIY zines, you always know you’re in for a frightfully fun and freaky experience! Not afraid to bulldoze down those artistic barriers, December 2015 will see Venus de Vilo’s first ever Frightmas album and accompanying hand-made illustrated lyrics book: Slashing Through The Snow.

Matthew Melis

Matthew Melis just finished his second comic book, ‘She Always Looked Good in Hats,’ and is working on his next. He lives in Madrid with his wife and their daughter in a hundred year old piso where he spends his days minding the baby and drawing during nap time.


Harmony Land

A Dubliner, last 6 years spent producing between 20 and 100 videogames depending on relative laxness of parameters virtually all of which free of charge and hazy of intent, virtue. Based in Inchicore. Say hello.


The Runt

What is The Runt? Even we’re not too sure. Is it a highly irregular publication of original art and literature? Well, yes, we’re fairly sure about that. Is it true that each issue focuses on a particular theme? Again, yes, we know this much. It’s thereafter that things get foggier. Is The Runt open to all contributors? Hmm, yes and no; we welcome submissions from all and sundry, but lack both the money and the inclination to publish absolutely everything we receive. But what else? What manner of beast is The Runt? Is it mystical? Is it logical? Nihilistic? Romantic? Nostalgic? We don’t know…


Jane O’Sullivan

Jane is an artist who lives and works in Co. Mayo. She has worked quietly for many years in a variety of forms and media. Mostly drawing,writing,experimental photography, film making and painting. Two recent solo exhibitions 2014 and 2015 have brought her work to a wider audience in a gallery setting,yet her preference is to work privately and quietly with the rare venture out to show some of what she does in alternative and non commercial ventures of like minded souls. Janes work can be viewed online.

emma sheridan

Emma Sheridan Illustration

There once was a girl from Dublin,
Who dabbled in some drawing,
She liked scribbles and lines most of the time,
But sometimes liked colouring in.



A fulltime mum and graphic design student. Who loves illustrating!


Charlot Kristensen

Charlot Kristensen is a recent graduate. Having just completed a BA degree in Illustration in London, she has finally returned to Dublin where she hopes to contribute to the ever growing art-scene. Some of the things she loves is creating comics, character designs and drawing afros. Most of her works are created digitally but she also enjoys doodling with colour pencils.

Eat more fruit

Eat more fruit

Eat more fruit Yuwen ong is an illustrator and designer from Malaysia, who is travelling the world and currently studying in Ireland.


Dawn West

Dawn West is a printmaker based in Waterford who dipped a toe into the zine pool at the 2nd Limerick International Publishers Salon at Ormston House which she also co-ordinated. She is now paddling along quite happily producing tales of sociopathic moustaches, being mean to Vogue models and remembering first kisses. As this is her first Dublin Zine Fair, she isn’t quite ready for the deep end yet but she’s getting there and would like to thank Kilmacthomas library for having a great photocopier and nice librarians.

2ha_Issue 02_cover


2ha is a magazine interested in the suburbs. Each issue is formatted in order to explore the phenomenon of suburbia and its relationship to a particular field of study. So far, we’ve covered a diverse range of subjects, from photography, cinema and language to typology, modernism and public space. We hope that, in bringing together this diverse body of work and sharing it, we might get that bit closer to understanding the landscape of semi-ds, shopping centres and motorways which so many of us inhabit and yet which so few of us do not ignore or overlook.


(not to scale)

I’ve been making books since 2005 and now have 16 titles. One is a graphic novel and the rest are primarily images with some text on a very broad range of topics. After an MA in Book Arts from Camberwell in 2011 I now have work in five national collections, Finland, Poland, The USA (The Yale Collection), Ireland (NIVAL) and Britain (Tate Britain). I’ve been included in two of the curated Whitechapel shows and participated in five LAB shows (London Artists’ Books) and fairs in Leeds and BABE (Bristol). I work out of Blackstack print studio in Kilkenny and teach occasional courses in Bookmaking.

rachel draw by four

Draw by Four

Rachel is a Melbourne-based architect, illustrator and zine maker. Her particular love is indie comics. For the Dublin Zine Fair she is very excited to be bringing her favourite zines and comics from Melbourne to Dublin, including the work of her friends, peers and creative heroes – including Michael Fikaris, David Mahler, Sarah McNeil, Tara Kenny, Meagan O’Shea, Hiro Mcl and Gregory Mackay. This collection of zines and small press paints a multi-faceted and complex picture of life in Rachel’s home town.

Tangible magazine

Tangible Magazine

Tangible is a quarterly, general interest independent publication, targeted at men and women aged 25 – 45. With a talented team of writers on board, our goal is to provide engaging, entertaining and thought-provoking content. Our tagline is ‘Because life’s too short to squint at a screen’ and this is why our primary focus is on our ‘tangible’ print version of the magazine.


LI’L PILL-O, Books &c.

Curiosities by Cal Folger Day. Volumes include Domestic Labor Manual, a psychedelic and practical guide; The Shooter at 92, an interview with John Doyel (of Beadazzler fame); Béla Bartók: Haute Hungarian Hillbilly, a biography; Living With Steve, a memoir of rooming with ‘the blind guy’; Fair Play To The Missus, a review of love ceremonies; and Report Cards, stationery from the land of literature. “And as with all good poetry, the act of reduction makes every scrap of information that more charged.” –Robin Enrico, of the DiTKO! Zine Library, reviews Domestic Labor Manual (2013)

wre 001 resize

Mice Hell

Mice Hell is from Dublin & mostly draws pictures. Sometimes she colours them. Occasionally she makes them into zines. She likes illustrating for other people too but that doesn’t happen very often. Aside from art she’s into history, folklore, rubbish, beer, & trying not to waste too much time on the internet. Some or all of these themes find their way into her work. She will be selling some zines made in the last 2 years, prints, postcards & MAYBE MORE.

Shelkybean-poor little deer-


ShelkyBean is a visual artist working in the west of Ireland. Her digital illustrations portray the spiritual connections between humans and nature.

Leon Loves Clara

Mick O’Dwyer

Zine librarian with delusions of being a zinester. My new zine Leon Loves Clara is about the relationship between the inventor of the theremin Leon Theremin, and the worlds greatest thereminst Clara Rockmore. It contains Russian dictators, prima ballerinas, bad drawings and Iggy Pop.


Monsters of Tomorrow Press

Monsters of Tomorrow Press is a two-headed beast: Emma Rowe and Elida Maiques. For Dublin Zine Fair 2015 we are bringing the wares of Emma Rowe, the intriguing comics by Phil Barrett, Blackshapes Books, Spanish magazine Polen, packed with sci-fi, writing and comics by 5 siblings and a bladerunning sister-in-law, a limited edition of Walking, a hypnotic comic by Carlos Maiques. Also classics like fold-out Slow, a perfect cup of Tea, and our doom poetry and comics book, Gods and Monsters of Tomorrow.


The Dublin Zine Collective

The Dublin Zine Collective (Previously Eddie Pie Hands Printing), was set up to provide DIY, cost price zine printing. We wanted to be able to print our zines in a space that wasn’t a profit making business so that we could make the whole process DIY, cheap and even more accessible.
Get involved at

sarah d

The Dirt Bird

Hand drawn zines, somewhat perverse, also some un-apologetic fan girl John Waters shiz.



Suzy City

Suzy City is a D.I.Y. distributor of illustration pieces. Products include screen prints, comics and fundraising t shirts for the Abortions Rights Campaign & the Abortion Support Network.



Harry Burton

My name is Harry Burton, an illustrator mostly concerned with political satire! I like to think that my main aim is to try make people snigger or at least create some awareness about a particular social issue. Well, maybe I just enjoy taking the piss out of a politician for the fun of it.

I have had work published for the Index on Censorship but my biggest claim to fame is having two pieces of mine in The Guardian newspaper.

I am an English language teacher as this satirical business doesn’t pay the bills as much as I would like.



final scans-1 (dragged).tiff

Not Afraid Of Ruins

Not afraid of ruins is a perzine and blog about anarchism, feminism, Jewish identity, Palestine, mental illness, neurodiversity, stuff and things.



sarah cunningham

Sarah Cunningham

Sarah Cunningham is an illustrator from Dublin, Ireland. She is inspired by all things patterned & loves anything with a sense of magic to it. Sarah graduated from NCAD with an honours degree in Fine Art Painting & has since had her work published in several magazines & books. Inspired by fairy-tales and myths, Sarah aspires to one day become a real mermaid!



wednesday Illustrations

Wednesday Illustrations

Wednesday Illustrations. Keeping it cute and creepy.




Niamh Bennett

Niamh Bennett is an illustrator and dog lover



Roofless, Ruthless Truth

My real name’s Clementina (lower case letters deliberate), I’m a radical feminist & straight edge vegan. My first zine was ‘no man’s land – a letter to patriarchal society, but I’ve written lots more since then ! I do mixed media collage & poetry zines about social justice issues & particularly focus on autism & mental illness, vegan feminism in practise, & exploring the possibilities of diy culture & self expression. I’m currently working on a zine entitled ‘ roofless, ruthless truth ‘, which aims to share the real experiences & struggles of homeless folks through those peoples’ own words. I hope to have it finished in time to bring to the fair !!


Helen McCormack

Helenscomics and Dreamfeeeless

Helen McCormack is an architectural graduate who makes comics. Llauren Z is a writer, witch & wastrel who makes video games, fiction and digital art. She thinks you’re cool.



Sarah Bowie

My name is Sarah Bowie and I am a freelance illustrator and cartoonist. I am a founding member of The Comics Lab, a monthly comics salon which aims to develop a vibrant alternative comics scene in Dublin. I am also a founding member of OFFSKETCH, an urban sketch event with pop-up exhibition, which aims to encourage active visual engagement with the city. My most recent illustration work includes a chapter book published by Little Island in 2015, and I am currently working on a picture book for The O’Brien Press, due to be published in Spring 2016.



elbow-3.3 ben

Elbow Press

I’ve just finished up for NCAD Visual Communication. I’m interested in design and illustration. Elbow press is made up by myself and two other friends who have a love for zines and were hoping to show our creations to the Dublin Zine community.



Aoife Balfe

Aoife Balfe is a real life artist based in Dublin. She is a mad good draw-er and does real cool illustrations. She likes cats and dinosaurs. Sometimes she is funny.







Hacko is a Brit comic influenced exhibition zine. 16 artists do interpretations of their favourite weekly kid comics (e.g. Beano, Dandy, Buster, etc.) 




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Sorcha Kelly

Sorcha Kelly loves drawing. She used to draw a lot as a child but then stopped….for more than 25 years!!
Now that she has rediscovered this joy she would like to share it with others who maybe think that they ‘can’t’ draw.
So, she will be coming to the zine-fair with some of her work- an almost finished graphic novel called ‘TINA-MY LIFE’, some notebooks, some short stories and a quirky little ‘get-started ‘portable drawing kit.







Trash is a new publication that showcases shortform genre fiction.
Born from a dissatisfaction with the way popular literature is regarded, Trash is a conscious stand against pretentious, boring and repetitive writing. We are interested in publishing the most exciting, fun and enjoyable writing we can find, in any genre or subgenre that you love! Whether it’s steampunk romance or One Direction fan fiction, we want anything that makes us laugh, cry or hold our breath, just as long as it doesn’t put us to sleep.